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12 Step Workshop Videos

Our workshop videos provide a taste of the type of meetings that occur every day at The Owl’s Nest. The only time tested and proven solution to alcoholism and addiction can be found in the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Owl’s Nest is not AA, and AA does not endorse The Owl’s Nest or any other outside entity. However, if you are struggling with alcoholism or addiction we hope that you will find these workshops helpful to your sobriety.

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Video Testimonials

These are real Owl’s Nest Alumni sharing their experience and the miracles that have happened in their lives. They are not paid or compensated for their testimonials other than the joy they receive knowing that their experience may help another suffering addict.

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Featured Speakers

Owl’s Nest Speaker Meetings are not AA meetings however they use a similar format in the fact that they share their experience, strength, and hope. We hope no one will find these in bad taste and that these experience can help someone who may be struggling today.

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Misc Videos

Cool videos and promotional media put together by The Owl’s Nest.

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Heath White Memorial

Memorial Service for Heath White. Mr. White was the Men’s Director at The Owl’s Nest and passed away sober on March 31, 2013. Watch his memorial service and other videos of Heath here.

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