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To provide a time-tested and proper treatment plan for men and women seeking recovery and freedom from substance abuse.

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If You Are Suffering From Addiction The Owl’s Nest Drug Rehab Center is Here To Help!

The Owl’s Nest is a well-renowned addiction treatment center located in Florence, South Carolina. With a history dating back several decades, The Owl’s Nest is widely recognized as an authority within the treatment Industry.

We provide a full spectrum of services for men and women suffering from addiction issues. We offer prospective patients partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment, intensive outpatient program (IOP) treatment, residential services, transitional housing, and standard outpatient program treatment. All of our programs are comprised of a combination of evidence-based and holistic addiction therapies.

The addiction treatment programs here at Owl’s Nest Recovery are designed to create a structured environment where all of our residents can establish a solid foundation of 12 Step Recovery supported by evidence-based therapeutic approaches. We also make sure that all of our addiction treatment programs are specialized by substance and individualized to meet the needs of each patient. For example, we offer rehab programs that are just for people that suffer from alcohol addiction. Some of the other substances for which our addiction treatment center provides specialized addiction treatment include prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines or opioids, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, and meth.

Why Choose Owl’s Nest Recovery for Addiction Treatment in Florence South Carolina?

One thing that sets the Owl’s Nest apart from any other addiction treatment center is that all of our staff have either overcome substance addictions before in their own lives or are deeply connected to someone that has suffered from substance addiction previously. Because our staff members all have experience with substance addiction, they know what it’s like to battle and overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. That unique perspective allows us as an addiction treatment center to effectively treat others who seek to do the same.

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At The Owl’s Nest Recovery, we offer PHP treatment, IOP treatment, and outpatient rehab levels of care that are delivered by passionate, experienced, and qualified addiction treatment professionals. Thus, our patients have the ability to move through these phases of treatment as they progress in their recovery journeys.

We understand that many of our clients need safe, loving environments that offer extended care options to ensure the best possible start to their new lives of abstinence, well-being, and health. That’s why we not only offer high-quality outpatient addiction treatment, but we also offer supportive housing for our patients to live in if they need extra support.

Our friendly drug rehab team welcomes the opportunity to tell you more about our facility! We also offer prospective clients the opportunity to tour our 10-acre grounds and meet our amazing staff!

We are committed to making recovery accessible and affordable for all of those who seek it. This is why we accept health insurance and also affordable and highly competitive private pay options.

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The Owl’s Nest admissions team is standing by to assist you seven days a week! We understand how critical timing is when dealing with addiction. That's why we've streamlined our intake process and made it so that it can be completed in less than 30 minutes!

Intensive Outpatient

Our intensive outpatient program consists of psycho-educational and didactic group therapy and individual therapy, as well as random urine toxicology screens to assist individuals in achieving the goals that they identified for themselves in their person-centered plans.

Intensive outpatient program treatment is offered in both three and five day per week formats. That way individuals can attend rehab at an addiction treatment center while meeting obligations within the community. Addiction treatment plans and goals may address a variety of things, including, but not limited to, situational stressors, family relations, interpersonal relationships, mental health issues, life span issues, psychiatric illnesses, substance use disorders, and other addictive behaviors.

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Partial Hospitalization Program

Our PHP consists of psycho-educational and didactic group therapy and individual therapy, as well as random urine toxicology screens to assist individuals in achieving their goals.

Our partial hospitalization program meets five days per week from 8 am-4 pm. During this time, patients will attend at least 5 hours of clinical treatment in the form of psychoeducational and process groups.

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Inpatient Treatment

Here at Owl's Nest Recovery, we offer therapy and counseling for substance addictions and their co-occurring mental illnesses. Through addiction therapy and counseling, our patients discover their addiction triggers and how to cope with them properly. In doing so, we not only treat people's substance addictions, but we also treat the root mental health issues that are often at the root of people's substance addictions.

The forms of therapy and counseling that make up the mental health and substance abuse treatment programs at our addiction treatment center are vast and include individual therapy and counseling, group therapy and counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and more.

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Supportive Housing

Dealing with a substance or alcohol use disorder can be incredibly lonely. Those suffering from one may feel like no one understands what they are going through and that they have to face overcoming addiction on their own. That's why supportive housing is so beneficial. Through supportive housing, our addiction treatment center provides a place for lonely addicts to thrive among their peers.

While we believe in the importance of accountability and an independent desire to improve one's life, you don't need to go through addiction treatment and recovery on your own. Our supportive housing lets patients undergo their respective addiction treatment programs in a safe environment in Florence, South Carolina.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health Treatment

There are numerous questions that people often have about substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment. Some of these questions are below.

Can Family and Friends Visit Me During My Stay?

Normally, the therapist at the majority of rehab centers will arrange visitation through communication efforts. The family therapy sessions will allow family members to attend the addiction treatment facility and engage actively in counseling participation.

Will Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

The majority of addiction treatment facilities will work in collaboration with private health insurance companies. Coverage will greatly depend on policy details and the insurance company.

Can I Keep My Job While Receiving Treatment?

Even though careers and jobs are extremely important, it is encouraged that you put your overall well-being and health first upon seeking suitable addiction treatment. The majority of employers offer families a medical leave option for situations such as this.

What Kind of Clothing Should Be Packed?

This is a common FAQ. The majority of treatment facilities will provide you with a list of what will be acceptable and what won’t be. Normally, one to two weeks’ worth of appropriate clothing is advisable, including modest swimwear, pants other than yoga pants, and comfortable sleepwear. It is recommended to double-check with the intake staff at the treatment facility to guarantee that the appropriate clothes are packed.

Can I Smoke Cigarettes in Rehab?

Total abstinence from drugs and alcohol can present challenges while attending addiction treatment at first. Thus, some rehab centers allow their clients to bring sealed tobacco products to rehab. If you feel you are not ready to give up your smoking addiction, cigarette smoking will most likely only be allowed outdoors at designated places and times. In addition, smoking cessation therapy and treatment are offered often at all levels of treatment in various facilities.

Can I Bring My Computer and Cell Phone?

Cell phones and personal computers are generally not permitted during addiction treatment. Typically your cell phone will be stored safely upon your arrival at the rehab center. It will be returned to you upon discharge.

Can I Send or Receive Mail or Packages During Rehab?

To keep each client safe, packages and mail can be sent to rehab. All mail will most likely be opened in your presence and searched by the staff.

Will I Need Money During My Stay?

Depending on the particular addiction treatment facility that you decide on and the level of care that you’re currently in, you might be allowed to bring prepaid cards or cash to rehab in small increments. You will most likely need a debit or credit card during rehab.

How Long Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Last?

Generally, treatment facilities offer 30, 60, and 90-day programs at the majority of the facilities. Nonetheless, the duration of your stay will vary depending on the treatment program you are currently in and the treatment progress that is made.

Can I Still Take My Usual Medications While in Rehab and Detox?

Medications can be continued if deemed necessary by the treatment facility. Generally, no opened pills, vitamin bottles, or narcotic medications, or medications containing alcohol will be allowed on-site at the rehab center.

What Does an Average Day in Rehab Look Like?

An average day for addiction treatment will vary and look different depending on the type of rehab facility chosen and the level of care.

  • Generally, an average day in rehab will include the following:
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Medical programming
  • Wake up times
  • Lights-out times
  • Group therapy

The following above-mentioned options are dispersed throughout the day. When developing a specialized treatment program, the health care providers will help you keep in mind which type of care you will benefit from the most. Treatment providers will make attempts to keep the following interesting, stimulating, informative, and challenging to promote in-depth understanding and growth.

  • Activities
  • Sessions
  • Groups

Which Addiction Do You Treat?

Here at Owl’s Nest, we treat a variety of drug and alcohol addictions, including the following:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Opioid Addiction
  • Crack Addiction
  • Benzodiazepine Addiction

What is the IOP Program Like?

When participating in one of our outpatient programs, you will receive appropriate medical treatment and regular assessments. Our IOP program can accomplish a variety of benefits in your life that are especially needed at this time.

What is the PHP Program Like?

A partial hospitalization program, also known as a PHP, is an addiction treatment program that requires its clients to attend addiction therapy for about five to eight hours a day, five to seven days a week. When the patients aren’t actively in rehab, they can live in their own homes and go about their everyday routine. Partial hospitalization is considered a part of outpatient treatment.

What is Supportive Housing Like?

Addiction can affect a person’s well-being and overall mental health. Fortunately for those struggling, Owl’s Nest provides supportive housing for those wanting to strive amongst their peers. We believe in the value and weight of accountability, but you shouldn’t feel alone.

What Therapy Options Are Offered at Owl's Nest?

There are numerous therapy options offered at Owl’s Nest. It’s important to note that drug abuse is one of the most disturbing interruptions of Americans today. Drug addiction therapy services are offered to help individuals in their desire to cease drug use and cope with the backlash of any psychological issues. Some of the key therapy options are as follows:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Holistic Therapy

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