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Attending rehab outside your state is one way to make this process easier. Addicts who attend drug rehab outside of their home state typically fare better. It has been discovered that out-of-state detox is 20% more effective. Addicts might focus on recovering from emotional damage while regaining their physical health. So that the addict can focus on achieving sober without interruptions, contact with family and friends is restricted.

Increased anonymity can be a benefit of out-of-state rehab. When away from home, privacy may be kept more effortlessly. Additionally, people frequently recover from illness more quickly when they have access to a more peaceful and laidback atmosphere far from stressors.

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Advantages of Out-of-State Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

  • We can see things differently when we are physically apart from acquaintances, friends, and family members who might also be battling addiction.
  • Strong triggers can include particular neighborhoods, dealers, and everyday routines. We stand a better chance of maintaining our sobriety without them.
  • We can defend our privacy and keep our anonymity by moving to another state.
  • We can create new, healthy habits by relocating to an area with a better climate and a robust sobriety network.
  • According to studies, we are more likely to persevere through the initial stages of despair and withdrawal symptoms if we are far from home.
  • We are more likely to remain and get the assistance we require if getting to our neighborhood and friends who are a harmful influence is more challenging.
  • We are more prone to relapse when we return to our previous communities and get out with other addicts. We get stronger the more time we spend apart from them.
  • A pleasant atmosphere and temperature can promote healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.
  • The extensive assistance that an out-of-state rehab may have is lacking in many places.
  • We can take some time away from the pressures of family life to rest and recover.
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Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

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Perks of Out-of-State but Close to Home Treatment Center

Owl’s Nest Recovery is situated in the heart of South Carolina; though located in a peaceful small city of Florence, the city’s strategic location allows access to major cities of North Carolina and Georgia. The proximity gives you distance away from your stressors but also enables you to have easy access to the comforts of your home.

Distance between you and distractions

Family and friends are fantastic and may be crucial to your healing. On the other hand, if things at home aren’t going well, the people you love may also divert your attention from your treatment. An out-of-state rehab’s distance from home lets you focus on healing rather than worrying about ongoing hostility, conflict, or resentment at home.

Sometimes, despite their best efforts, your loved ones may not realize how they support your addiction or disregard your needs and personal boundaries. If there is continuing drug or alcohol use at home, recovery is very challenging.

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What Does Alcohol Withdrawal Feel Like?

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Rehab facilities out of state may be cheaper

Addiction treatment will likely cost significantly more if you reside in a city with a high cost of living than in other parts of the nation. Going to an out-of-state drug rehab may actually save you money after accounting for travel costs.

Most drug and alcohol rehab clinics are resort-style establishments that serve wealthy residents of select cities. A high-end treatment facility is fantastic if you can afford it, and extras like a private room, daily massages, or a chef are nice. Although a high price tag may buy numerous benefits, it does not always imply superior care.

When you go to a rehab out-of-state, you are cut off from old acquaintances, comfortable surroundings, and go-to hangouts that could allure you, particularly in the early stages of recovery. It might be simpler for you to talk about your feelings and experiences with those who have had them before or with those who are unaware of your past struggles.

At Owl’s Nest Recovery, we provide a home away from home as you rediscover yourself and go through a tough journey of addiction recovery in North Carolina, Georgia or beyond. For more information, you can reach us at