Rehab for Men in South Carolina

Alcohol and drug addiction are serious diseases. Thus, it’s important for individuals that suffer from substance addictions to attend rehab. The best rehab programs for alcohol and drug addiction are the ones that are individualized by person and specialized by substance. 

Rehab programs need to be individualized by the person because different types of people tend to have different needs when it comes to addiction treatment. For example, men tend to have different rehab needs than women. Learn about rehab for men and the different aspects of it that make it useful here. 

Statistics on Drug Rehab for Men

Data shows that men abuse illicit substances more often than women do as 11.5% of men over the age of 12 suffer from substance use disorders while only 6.4% of women over the age of 12 suffer from substance use disorders. 

While men abuse illicit substances more than women, women abuse prescription drugs more than men. This is particularly true when it comes to girls between the ages of 12-17. 

Although men abuse illicit substances at higher rates than women do, men enter themselves in rehab at higher rates than women. Thus, it’s wise for addiction treatment centers to offer rehab programs that are just for men. To do this though, addiction treatment centers must have a good understanding of why men often abuse substances and develop substance addictions that require them to enter rehab. 

Addiction treatment centers that offer rehab for men should also make sure to understand the different needs that men in rehab need in comparison to women in rehab. Luckily, Owl’s Nest Recovery has put in the work to have a good understanding of these matters. 

Why Men Often Develop Substance Addictions That Require Them to Attend Rehab

There are many reasons why men are more likely to abuse illicit substances than women. For one, men tend to naturally be more impulsive. This causes men, especially men who are still young, to take more risks than women, such as the risk of using illegal substances. 

It’s because young men tend to be impulsive and take risks that guys in their late teens and early twenties must pay more for car insurance than women do. Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise that men also abuse illicit substances at higher rates than women do. 

Another part of the reason why men abuse illicit substances at higher rates than women do is that society makes it more acceptable for men to do so. Peer pressure from other men is also a reason why men abuse illicit substances at higher rates than women.

While younger men often abuse illicit substances due to societal standards, peer pressure, and their natural tendency to be impulsive, older men often abuse substances because they are stressed and they like abusing substances to cope. Oftentimes this stress comes from the pressure men have to financially provide for their families. 

Addiction in Men vs. Addiction in Women

The experience of different substance addictions for men and women often differs just as much as the reasons for why men and women start abusing substances in the first place. This is partly because men and women have certain biological differences. Thus, how the bodies of men and women process certain substances differ. 

Men and women often experience substance addictions differently because of the impulsive and risk-taking nature of men. For example, men are three times more likely to smoke marijuana than women. When it comes to stimulants though, men and women abuse them at quicker rates. 

Alcohol Addiction in Men vs. Women

When it comes to the legal substance of alcohol, the male body can naturally handle consuming more of it than the female body can. This is because the female body processes and metabolizes alcohol quicker than the male body does. Thus, alcohol runs through the female body quicker than it does the male body. 

Men having more water in their bodies’ systems to dilute alcohol than women do is another reason why men can handle consuming more alcohol than women. On the flip side, the female body retains fat and has a higher liver volume per unit of lean body mass. This causes the female body to absorb alcohol which, in turn, often causes women to feel the effects of alcohol quicker than men do. 

The male body also contains more alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) than the female body does. ADH is the enzyme that helps to break down alcohol. Thus, the female body retains a higher concentration of alcohol than the male body does.

 This causes the female bloodstream and brain to be sent higher concentrations of alcohol than the male ones do when people drink. Because men don’t feel the effects of alcohol as quickly as women do, guys tend to abuse higher amounts of alcohol when they drink. Once men chronically abuse alcohol though, they make themselves susceptible to developing alcohol addictions that will cause them to need to attend rehab for men. 

Prescription Drug Addiction in Men vs. Women

Females, particularly ones that are between the ages of 12 -17, abuse prescription drugs at higher rates than males do. This is partly because women suffer from mental illnesses at higher rates than men do. Thus, women are prescribed more medications than men are. As a result, women have more opportunities to abuse prescription drugs, whether intentionally or unintentionally, than men do. 

Forms of Rehab for Men

There are various forms of rehab for men. This is because not all men need to attend rehab for the same length of time. There are also various forms of rehab for men because men suffer from substance addictions of different levels of intensity. 

As a result, men can receive the following forms of rehab: 

Medical Detox

Medical detox is any detox program that is supervised by doctors and medical staff. It’s important that men attend medical detox before addiction treatment. This is because medical detox programs help individuals rid their bodies of substances before attending rehab. 

Medical detox is also vital because it helps individuals overcome their withdrawal symptoms before attending rehab.

 Medical detox helps individuals do this by prescribing them medications to help them manage their withdrawal symptoms. Only detox programs that are medical offer prescription withdrawal medications since they are the only ones that have doctors and medical staff constantly on standby to do so. 

Inpatient Treatment

Rehab for men programs can be inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient rehab programs require their patients to live in rehab facilities 24/7 while receiving care. This is because inpatient rehab programs are for individuals that suffer from severe addictions and thus need intense structure and 24/7 monitoring to remain sober and achieve recovery. 

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs are inpatient rehab programs that are slightly less structured. Thus, although residential treatment patients receive more free time to themselves than standard inpatient treatment patients, they still must receive 24/7 care and monitoring. 

Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment

Partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment is the most intense form of outpatient treatment. Thus, PHP programs require their patients to attend rehab for approximately five to eight hours a day, five to seven days a week. 

Despite the long hours of PHP treatment, it does not require its patients to spend their nights in rehab facilities. PHP treatment is a great alternative to inpatient treatment for individuals that are searching for intensive rehab without having to live in a rehab facility 24/7 while receiving care. 

Intensive Outpatient Program 

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are rehab programs that require their patients to attend rehab for approximately three to fours hours a day, a few times a week. IOPs are outpatient. Thus, they allow their patients to live in their own homes at night and in-between treatment sessions. 

Outpatient Program Treatment

Outpatient programs (OPs) require their patients to attend rehab for approximately a couple of hours a day, once or twice a week. Standard OPs are the least intensive of all the outpatient rehab programs. 

Receive Rehab Programs for Men in South Carolina at Owl’s Nest Recovery

Many states, such as South Carolina, need more resources for men in rehab. Luckily, we here at Owl’s Nest Recovery offer a wide variety of specialized rehab programs, including rehab for men. Owl’s Nest Recovery is a privately owned outpatient substance abuse treatment center that is located in Florence South Carolina. 

As a substance abuse treatment center, we here at Owl’s Nest Recovery combine total abstinence and clinical psychotherapy along with the 12 step model of recovery to treat our patients’ substance addictions. 

Here at Owl’s Nest Recovery, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and compassionate healing to each of our recovering patients. We are also dedicated to providing individualized care to each of our patients. 

Thus, if you are searching for quality rehab for men in South Carolina, look no further than Owl’s Nest Recovery. Feel free to contact us anytime. We are here to help you.