Partial Hospitalization Program Georgetown South Carolina

Partial Hospitalization Program in South Carolina

There are various levels of care when it comes to addiction treatment. For instance, there are addiction treatment programs that are only inpatient. This is because inpatient treatment programs serve people that suffer from severe-level substance addictions and need 24/7 care and monitoring to achieve recovery. There are also different types of outpatient addiction treatment programs for people that suffer from different levels of addiction. One form of outpatient treatment is a PHP.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

PHP is an outpatient addiction treatment program that requires its patients to attend addiction therapy five to seven days a week. A typical day in a PHP will involve five or more hours of therapy. When not in rehab though, PHP patients get to live in their own homes at night and tend to their normal lives in the real world. This is because PHP’s are a form of outpatient treatment. 

Because PHP’s essentially last all day long, some people call PHP day or night treatment. PHP is the most intensive and structured form of outpatient care. Individuals who seek treatment through a PHP will also need to make sure they have reliable transportation to and from the program to be successful.

Who is Best Suited for Partial Hospitalization Programs?

PHP’s are best suited for individuals that suffer from moderate to severe level substance addictions. This is because, although outpatient, PHP’s are still quite rigorous. This form of treatment is also recommended for people suffering from mental health issues. PHP’s can offer medication management for the treatment of mental health disorders.

Because PHP’s are outpatient, all the people that attend it should be capable of maintaining their sobriety when they return home during the evenings. Thus, if individuals cannot manage their sobriety after leaving a substance abuse program at a rehab center for the day, they should attend an inpatient program. To help ensure that PHP patients can maintain their sobriety when at home, they should have solid support systems and home environments. 

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Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs

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There are many perks to receiving drug addiction treatment through a PHP. This program offers a great opportunity to get all the drug addiction education you need and can be a great first step towards ending addiction in your life.

You Get to Live in Your Own Home

One obvious benefit to attending a PHP is that you get to live in your own home in between rehab sessions. This is a huge benefit as it allows you to be able to tend to some of your normal life responsibilities during the time period that you are in rehab. 

You Get to Continue Spending Quality Time With Your Family and Friends 

Another huge benefit of attending this program is that you get to continue spending quality time with your loved ones during the time period that you are in rehab. This is unlike inpatient treatment patients who must physically separate themselves from their loved ones and live in rehab facilities 24/7 while receiving care. 

It’s Affordable

PHP is much more affordable than a residential program. This is because PHP patients don’t have to pay for the living expenses at a rehab facility. Therefore, individuals with moderate to severe level addictions need an affordable form of drug or alcohol addiction treatment. PHP can be a great alternative to other more expensive forms of care. 

It Can Help Individuals Transition from Residential Care

Like all forms of outpatient care, PHP’s allow patients to live in their own homes in the real world in-between rehab sessions. This means that PHP patients get to practice the coping skills that they learn in rehab immediately. 

By being able to face their drug addiction triggers while still in rehab, partial hospitalization programs can help individuals transition into daily life more easily than residential care patients can. A patient can even enter into a PHP once their inpatient program is over. This helps them transition from rehab to sobriety in the real world. 

It’s Comprehensive

PHP’s contains all the education and elements of an inpatient program, just in a more efficient package. When attending a PHP, one will get to attend all the major forms of psychotherapy, including group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, and more. 

Partial hospitalization services include all the forms of addiction treatment that inpatient treatment patients receive, but they also get to receive them in an intensive format. This is because PHP’s requires its patients to attend rehab several hours a day (5-8 hrs). Thus, although PHP patients don’t receive 24/7 care and monitoring, they do receive all-day rehab.

PHP vs. Residential Care

Despite offering the same doctors, addiction treatments, and therapies that residential care offers, there are some key differences between PHP ‘s and inpatient care. For one, PHP’s are indeed outpatient. Thus, PHP patients can return home during the time period that they’re attending rehab. This is as opposed to inpatient services that require individuals to live in rehab facilities 24/7 while enrolled. 

PHP’s vs. Intensive Outpatient Program

A PHP also differs from other forms of outpatient care. For instance, PHP care differs from an intensive outpatient program (IOP) in that PHP patients must attend rehab essentially all day every day, while IOP patients only have to attend rehab for around three to four hours a day, a few days a week. This means that PHP’s are a bit more intensive and structured than intensive outpatient programs. 

PHP’s vs. Outpatient Program

Partial hospitalization programs are much more intensive than standard outpatient (OP). This is evident in the fact that PHP patients must attend rehab all day while OP patients must only attend rehab for less than half the time as those in a PHP. Standard outpatient care is also not recommended for individuals in need of mental health and medication services. Also, if someone is suffering from severe drug or alcohol addiction, outpatient treatment may not provide enough support.

How Much Does a PHP Cost?

The best way to pay for a partial hospitalization program is to do so through health insurance. In fact, the Affordable Care Act was partly created just for individuals to be able to use their health insurance to pay for addiction and mental health disorders. 

The Affordable Care Act is an American law that requires health insurance companies to provide just as much coverage for addiction and mental health disorders as they do for treating physical injuries. Individuals that can’t use health insurance to pay for PHP’s may also be able to pay for rehab by using Medicare or Medicaid or money from their own bank accounts. Individuals can even pay for rehab by raising funds through an online fundraiser, garage sale, car wash, etc. 

Why Seek a PHP at The Owl’s Nest

Our partial hospitalization programs here at The Owl’s Nest Recovery offer a wide variety of specialized services for mental health and addiction. These specialized programs range from alcohol addiction treatment, cocaine addiction treatment, opioid addiction treatment, and other drug treatment programs. Thus, you can receive quality care for your individual addictions while in one of our PHP’s. 

Here at our South Carolina addiction treatment center, we also offer PHPs that are individualized by the person. For example, we offer individualized PHPs just for women. That way, each of our clients receives the type of care that they individually need. 

For people who need to receive housing while in rehab, we at The Owl’s Nest also offer a safe, supportive housing environment for our patients. This safe and supportive housing environment is conveniently located within 10 acres of our treatment facility. 

To learn more about The Owl’s Nest and the partial hospitalization programs that we offer, contact us today over the phone. You can also contact us by filling out and submitting an online form on our website. Our staff is more than willing to answer any questions that you may have about our many services.

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Owl’s Nest Recovery is a privately owned outpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation center located in Florence, South Carolina. Here at The Owl’s Nest Recovery, we combine evidence-based therapeutic practices with holistic practices. That way, our patients receive quality care for their minds, bodies, and souls. 

One of the forms of outpatient services that we offer here at The Owl’s Nest is PHP. Thus, if you or a loved one is looking to receive intensive and structured care while still being able to live in your own homes and tend to your normal life responsibilities, look no further than PHP here at The Owl’s Nest Recovery.