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Supportive Housing For Addiction Treatment Patients

Dealing with a drug or alcohol use disorder can be incredibly lonely. Those suffering from one may feel like no one understands what they are going through and that they have to face overcoming addiction on their own. Addiction can affect a person’s mental health and well-being. Fortunately, The Owl’s Nest provides a place for people like this to thrive among peers through supportive housing.

While we believe in the importance of accountability and an independent desire to improve one’s life and mental health, you don’t need to go through addiction treatment and recovery on your own. Our supportive housing and supportive services let patients undergo their respective addiction treatment programs in a safe environment in Florence, South Carolina.

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What Is Supportive Housing?

Supportive housing provides a safe place for patients to live while attending an alcohol or substance use disorder treatment program. Supportive housing combines the ideas of cost-effective housing, peer support, and structured programs to guide patients to self-efficacy. Our quality supportive services provide a safe haven for effective recovery. 

For instance, individuals who are participating in the programs at The Owl’s Nest can live at our facility among other peers. They must simply remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol and be fully dedicated to the treatment approaches that will help them succeed. Individuals and families are given a chance to transition at their own pace in a safe and supportive environment.

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Why Choose The Owl’s Nest for Supportive Housing?

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Research shows that a crucial part of recovery is living in a safe and supportive environment. We find it imperative to provide high-quality addiction treatment programs that work, which include supportive services for those who need them. By doing this, The Owl’s Nest can eliminate the barriers to achieving long-term sobriety.


Men and women experience addiction differently. Plus, they live differently based on their needs. Our programs are co-ed, but we understand the importance of gender-specific peer support that our supportive housing provides. Housing at The Owl’s Nest is also gender-specific so that residents feel safe and comfortable in the environment that they live in.

Scenic and Spacious

A part of what makes The Owl’s Nest the perfect place to recover is the physical environment. Our campus is located on 10 acres of lush greenery. Such a scenic and spacious backdrop helps make people feel at peace within their bodies, minds, and souls. This inner peace will only contribute to a person’s ability to recover from addiction.

South Carolina is ranked 14th in terms of biodiversity, which means our patients are surrounded by the state’s beautiful nature! It is scientifically proven that nature can be a powerful healing force. So, having supportive housing near nature is enriching in terms of the environment. A peaceful and calming environment can make a big difference when it comes to recovery. 

Additional Support

At The Owl’s Nest, our patients and team members are a family. So, those who live in our supportive housing are embraced by staff and peers alike as family members. Supportive housing adds another level of support for addiction treatment.

Patients living in supportive housing know that they are surrounded by others who are just as dedicated to recovery as they are. Such knowledge makes supportive housing patients welcome and willing to help one another. Plus, our on-site staff members are available to assist residents around the clock as needed.

Our Core Values

Our core values here at The Owl’s Nest are woven into every facet of our facility, including our supportive housing. Our supportive housing highlights our core values of acting with respect and striving for simplicity. We want you to know that our compassionate team is here for you no matter what. 

Over time, residents will learn to respect themselves and the peers with whom they live. This translates into our other treatment programs but also into life beyond rehab. Furthermore, when residents respect the rules put in place to help them stay accountable, they can experience a successful recovery.

Our supportive housing is simple but provides patients with everything they need to focus on what is most important. Distractions can hinder residents from reaching their full potential. Our facility focuses on simplicity and community instead of bells and whistles.

Comfortable and Safe

Our deep belief in simplicity does not mean that our supportive housing isn’t comfortable! Our housing facility is spacious just like our campus. Residents have plush beds to relax on when it’s time for bed and all the other comforts of a typical home.

What makes The Owl’s Nest different is that it is removed from any external triggers or unsafe situations. Individuals who are dealing with a mental illness during addiction recovery are given a safe place to live.

Relapse is a common theme among those in recovery. Taking individuals away from added stressors until they are ready to face them independently makes it easier to resist harmful urges. Our addiction treatment center provides individuals and families with security in this and many more ways!

Built-In Nutritional Therapy

We provide meals for our residents at our supportive housing to heal them from the inside out. Our meals are simple, delicious, and give the essential nutrients the patients at our facility need to fully recover from the harm done to their bodies. Drugs and alcohol can wreak havoc on a person’s body and mental health over time. We do everything in our power to instill personal health in our residents.

Our facility values inclusivity. Thus, we’re happy to adhere to any dietary restrictions one might have. That’s why we craft a personalized plan for each person that enters our respective programs. No two plans are completely alike, because there is no one-size-fits-all plan for addiction recovery.

Applying to The Owl’s Nest Supportive Housing Program

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For individuals and families looking for a supportive and open environment, our program is a great choice. All members of our staff and team have been through a program of recovery themselves. This gives us the experience and knowledge to help you get through the ups and downs of recovery. We understand addiction and we’ll be on your side the whole to make sure you get another chance at life and happiness. 

Our staff will sit down with you or a loved one and help you pick out the options that are best. Everyone has their own preferences and needs, and we take that into consideration when assisting you. We strive to make our supportive services smooth and simple for you or a loved one. Getting help shouldn’t be a long and grueling process. Our admissions process is reliable and informative, simply give us a call and our passionate admissions team will be ready to assist. 

Does The Owl’s Nest Have Permanent Supportive Housing?

At this time, The Owl’s Nest is unable to provide permanent supportive housing. But we strongly believe that our transitional housing empowers residents enough without permanent housing. We do everything we can to ensure that a person is ready and able to transition back into their regular life. 

That said, residents are welcome to stay at our supportive housing as long as they are undergoing one of our clinical treatment programs and understand it’s contingent upon a commitment to stop consuming substances completely. Drugs and alcohol are prohibited at The Owl’s Nest. As a result, we randomly test residents with toxicology screenings to keep them committed to their promise.

Find Solace In Florence, South Carolina at The Owl’s Nest

For over a decade, we have strived to build a safe and effective community for those struggling with addiction. From the beginning, we’ve made sure to be reliable and passionate about helping others. Our team has seen the struggles and needs of addiction, especially since much of our staff has been in recovery themselves. With this knowledge, we understand what it takes to overcome addiction. 

Our Florence, SC location is a beautiful and peaceful environment that allows the best chance for recovery.  We do everything we can to make the process smooth and efficient for everyone involved. Addiction recovery should not be a long and tedious process. Our staff will guide you from the beginning to the end of treatment. With the necessary tools, you or a loved one will be ready to live life to the fullest, free of addiction. 

The Owl’s Nest supportive housing offers one of the most crucial factors it takes to avoid relapse and maintain sobriety, support. Not everyone lives in an environment that encourages lasting health and self-efficacy. At The Owl’s Nest, we’re proud to offer supportive housing for recovering patients in Florence, South Carolina. Contact us now to learn more about our supportive housing program!