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The Owl’s Nest is South Carolina’s longest-running and most trusted addiction treatment center. The Owl’s Nest has served South Carolina and communities like Charleston, SC for over 20 years.  Over the last two decades, we’ve helped thousands of men and women overcome substance abuse and alcohol addiction in Charleston, SC

Why Choose Us For Addiction Treatment?

  • Decades Of Experience Treating Substance Abuse
  • High-Quality Drug Rehab Near Charleston
  • Strong Alumni Network & Recovery Community in and around Charleston, SC
  • Helped Thousands of Men & Women Overcome Addiction
  • Highly Trained & Qualified Support Staff
  • Far Enough From Home To Provide Change But Close Enough To Maintain Family Support

How to get to Florence from Charleston, South Carolina

The Benefits Of Attending In-State Treatment in South Carolina

It’s ultimately up to you whether you decide to relocate away for recovery or remain close to home. Here are some advantages of receiving treatment close to home, though.

1. Local Addiction Treatment is Cost-Efficient

Opting for a local rehab facility rather than one that is located out of state is often cheaper than attending an out-of-state facility.  Many state insurances and in-network policies won’t apply to out-of-state treatment. In addition, the costs and stress of travel can turn people away from attending treatment.  It’s also important to consider the expenses that your relatives and friends will experience if and when they decide to visit you as well.

2. A Close and Strong Support System Can Aid in Your Recovery

Staying close to your friends and family can be facilitated by living nearby. Life rehabilitation can be challenging, but having a strong support network can make it much simpler. Your family can support you when you’re feeling low, celebrate your accomplishments, and inspire you to keep making healthy lifestyle changes. They can also encourage healthy lifestyle choices and hold you accountable.

Keeping in touch with your loved ones has the following benefits: 

  • Reduce some of the tension you experience during the healing process.
  • Boost your overall health and happiness
  • Boost your sense of self
  • Reduce isolation-related sensations

Enrolling in a rehabilitation program far from your home may require you to create a whole new network of supporters. It can also leave you feeling alone and vulnerable when you return home. Inadequate support is one of the highest causes of relapse.

In family therapy, addiction treatment programs address and resolve these issues. Family therapy sessions might be simpler if you go to a local treatment center. If you are undergoing treatment near home, your family and friends should find it easier to attend these counseling sessions with you.

3. You may feel more comfortable with life changes in a familiar setting.

Going through recovery is literally a life-changing process. Your routines, emotions and the lens you view life through will all shift. It can be scary and stressful to deal with so much change so quickly. It can be calming and stable for you to heal in a place you are accustomed to.

Other benefits of being in a comfortable setting are: 

  • Approach the process of rehabilitation with the proper mindset.
  • Feel more comfortable as you heal
  • Avoid using dysfunctional coping mechanisms
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Finding addiction treatment nearby can increase your chances of long-term recovery.

4. Maintaining your job might be simpler if you recover locally.

If you have a job, moving for treatment to a distant state can impact it. Even though the 2018 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) protects those seeking addiction treatment, certain employers and FMLA rules may limit the kind of care you can access. Your company, for instance, might consent to a shortened course of treatment. If so, you may take time off work to heal, although getting therapy near home may work best for your schedule. You can undergo treatment while maintaining your regular job and family responsibilities by going to a nearby outpatient rehab facility like Meta Addiction Treatment.

Our Addiction Treatment Center near Charleston, South Carolina empowers you to manage your own recovery

We at Owl’s Nest Recovery are proud to be based in Florence, South Carolina. We adore the State’s charming setting in a peaceful location ideal for promoting a smooth recovery transition. You don’t have to travel away from home to heal if you love South Carolina as much as we do. You may maintain your daily routine, be near to your family, and take back control of your life with the aid of our outpatient programs. Contact us today if you’re ready to get started or have any other questions about receiving therapy close to home.